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Women in Cities is a short stop motion dance film which assembles over two thousand still images. Kinetic snapshots of twisting, hinging, and flinging are interrupted by micro-arrests generating a passive tension between the women. Referencing visual artist Robert Longo’s Men in Cities series, Women in Cities manifests the implied movement in Longo’s images.


Director/Choreographer/Editor: Rosie Trump Dancers: Christina Carter, Abrie Parrish, Shelby Wilburn Music: Kosta T Production Assistant: Trisha French


Life's joy is finding that person that understands you wholly; life's pain is losing that person.


Director: Matt Jones Director of Photography: David Darg Producer: Jenny Pommiss Writer: Matt Jones Key Cast: Christina Ricucci, Nicole Lorah, Gaffer: Kat Cameron Production Assistant: Ana Puentes-Linares, Dee McDonough Sound Design: Nick Lintner Original Score: NameFederica Magliano, Sheila Sheppard


A young dancer remembers her struggle for perfection and its cost.


Director & Writer: Ned Farr


Based on the eponymous dance piece, Vacuum generates impossible images and fantastic paintings. An interplay of bodies appearing and disappearing between black holes and dazzling lights. This duo, third part in an ongoing series called Dispositifs (stage devices) in convergence with visual arts, explores further the visual perception of movement. The result is lyrical and inspiring, as it moves forward through the history of art, from Renaissance paintings to photographic development.


Director: Philippe Saire Concept & Choreography: Philippe Saire Choreography in collaboration with the dancers: Philippe Chosson, Pep Garrigues Cinematography: Bastien Genoux Music: Stéphane Vecchione

Stray Notes_edited.jpg


Dancers from LINES Ballet find perfect harmony, for awhile.


Director/Writer/Producer: Kate Duhamel Key Cast: LINES Ballet Courtney Henry, Michael Montgomery, Babatunji Michael Montgomery Key Cast LINES Ballet



Visual abstract poetry of the human being confronted with nature, the machine and himself.


Director & Writer: Simona Deaconescu Producer: Anamaria Antoci Key Cast: Simona Dabija, Diana Bejan, Razvan Stoian, Galea Bobeicu, Denis Bolborea Sound Design: Sebastian Zsemlye Director of Photography: Tudor Panduru Choreography: Simona Deaconescu



A little tea dance at the corner coffee shop, inside and outside the body and the mind.


Director: Chan Sze-Wei Key Cast: Wee Li-NKey Sound: Panos Chountoulidis Choreographer: Chan Sze-Wei



Nine dancers and singers travel across open farmlands, parched roads, and moonlit fields to find refuge in an abandoned place of worship. Through a complex series of Turkish usual patterns designed to ignite emotional states of journey and light, the group finds connection within their company and solace in the sheltered space.


Director: Marlene Millar Producer: Sandy Silva Key Cast: Andrew Bathory, Sonia Clarke, David Cronkite, Afia Douglas, Helene Lemay, Kim Robin, Sandy Silva, Dominic Desrochers, Bobby Thompson Writer: Marlene Millar Writer: Sandy Silva Writer


black box

BLACK BOX, The Short Film, is a creative collaboration between Performance Artist Shamel Pitts and Director Aviv Maaravi After witnessing the LIVE Performance, Maaravi relocated the original intimate BOX setting and placed it in the Vast Desert Of Israel as its environmental landscape and backdrop.


Director: Aviv Maaravi Writer: Shamel Pitts, Aviv Maaravi Producer: Aviv Maaravi Key Cast: Shamel Pitts Written, Narrated, And Performed By: Shamel Pitts Director & Script: Aviv Maaravi Production: MULA Productions Art Direction: Jacob Turjeman DOP: Tobias Hochstein Styling: Naomi Maaravi Construction: Dedan Ouziel Make Up: Dorit Cohen First Assistant Camera: Meir Arad Post Production: GRAVITY VFX artiest: Guy Lubin Creative Director: Itay Schiff Mixing: SOUNDHOUSE Cast & Crew: Udi Ben Ari



Dido, after Aeneas abandoned her, dances painfully and petrifies on a hill.


Director: Konstantinos Fourkiotis Writer: Fenia Apostolou Producer: Lydia Lithos Dancetheatre & Artcut Key Cast Dancer: Katerina Christoforou Choreography: Fenia Apostolou Assistant to the Choreographer: Kostis Tsiamagkas Costume & Set Design: Elli Nalmpanti Production Assistant: Haralabos Bertsatos Director of Photography: Vagelis Kasapakis 1st Assistant Camera: Yiannis Simos 2nd Assistant Camera: Orestis Psomopoulos Color Grading: Mihalis Gkatzogias Editing: Amalia Mystique Sound Design: Simos Batzakis Titles Design: Nikos Tzaferidis Storyboard Artist: Triantafilos Alexiou Special thanks: Municipality of Thessaloniki



This short film, produced by Therese Cooper of Jairus Burks Productions, features spoken word poet Dacember Traylor passionately explaining the significance behind one of the most prominent concentrations of African American businesses in the United States and how it was forcefully erased in one of the most devastating massacres in the history of U.S. race relations. Dancer Camille Hagen provides a visual representation of the hurt and the pain African Americans feel today as “Black Wall Street” still has not been reclaimed.


Director: Jairus B Burks Writer: Dacemebr Traylor Writer: Jairus B Burks Producer: Therese Cooper-Key Cast: Dacemebr Traylor



Daydreams of dancers flood the thoughts of a woman as she says goodbye.

Director/Writer/Producer: Josiah Cuneo Key Cast: Malin Barr, Ben van Berkum Composer: Josiah Cuneo Editor: Josiah Cuneo Choreographer: Josiah Cuneo



In the fringe where you dance with your shadow, where being naked flows seamlessly into being masked, wavering between illusion and disillusion, three female figures try to find a harmony in their longing for intimacy and the return to the 'untouched’.


Director: Sabine Molenaar Writer: Sabine Molenaar Producer: Wim van Stam / Heleen Volman Producer: DansBrabant / PLAN Key Cast: Sabine Molenaar Music and soundscore: Julien Lepreux Music and soundscore Music and soundscore: Malik Djoudi DOP: Fleur Boonman Editing: Myriam Magassouba Online editing: Laura Novo Light and technical assistance: Filip Timmerman Assistant DOP: Geoffrey De Decker Production: Kosmanaut/ Anastasia Tchernokondratenko




Intrinsic Moral Evil seems to be a tale of identity and coming of age. But above all, the three dancers play with the viewer’s perception and expectations. The layered story gradually develops; revealing its last secrets just before the end credits start. Inviting the audience to make its own interpretation.


Director/Writer/Producer: Harm Weistra Director Key Cast: Joan Ferré Gomez, Jorge Abraham Guillen Ortiz, Frago Peña Gonzalez Choreographer: Fernando Domínguez Rincón

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