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Morehead Elementary School  Dancing Our Studies Project


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How does storytelling help us understand who we are in the world? How can we establish our own voice or sense of place as it connects to our immediate communities?


“Dancing Our Stories” is an outreach experience supported by the Baily Duke Biddle Foundation, using dance and filmmaking as a way of empowering young people. Using the lens of storytelling, the project provided students with the power to script  their own stories and connect with others’ histories and identities. During the Fall of 2017, this collaborative project between Greensboro Dance Film Festival, North Carolina Dance Festival, and Morehead Elementary introduced 5th grade students to the language of dance on film as a way to articulate their own identities. 


Featuring selected professional films from the Greensboro Dance Film Festival, and the work of Morehead Elementary 5th grade students. Screening at GPS Gallery Space.

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